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It’s not all smoke and beers. 


Call him crazy (and some people do), but Chad Brink (the man behind the meat) is a fanatic for authenticity—especially when it comes to barbeque. He’s studied the masters all across Texas. He’s been perfecting his dry-rub blend for 15 years. He builds his own smokers—as a hobby. 


So when you ask him about brisket or baby backs, be prepared to sit a spell. 


“Wood fire is the difference,” he’ll tell you, “because you have to be a more attentive chef. You’re constantly monitoring the fire, so you know when to wrap the meat, when to spray it, when to mop it with Shiner Bock and cider vinegar. You’ve got to keep your eye on it, and that’s what makes Big Bore unbelievable.”


It isn’t easy; it’s an art. And yes, there’s a little magic in what we do—plus a helluva lot of fun—but it’s still work.


At least we can drink on the job. 

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