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TO-GO: We will have staff coming to your cars,
so you do not need to get out! 

This is a crazy time, and we’re doing our darnedest to make sure you have the best possible time when you’re here.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 mandates we’re facing make it all but impossible to provide the kind of experience we know you want to have.

Therefore, in the short term, starting Tuesday June 30th we are returning
to online ordering and curbside pickup only
. No dining in, folks. Sorry. 

This decision was not made lightly or in haste. You, our team, and all of the community have been incredibly supportive during our opening and growth, and we hate like hell to disappoint you. But to ensure that we can continue to bring you the finest smoked meats north of Texas—while keeping our people employed—this is the hard choice we’ve been forced to make. 

If you have opinions—and we’re sure you do—please reach out to our senators, our congresspeople, and our governor, and share any ideas you have about regulating and re-opening Minnesota’s bars and restaurants.

We hope this won’t last long. We hope you stay safe. And we want you back.


That's a really nice rack.

cuts of beef

Barbeque, at its very origins, is designed to mask poor cuts of meat. The wood you use, the rub you apply, the time it takes—these things tenderize and boost the flavor of lesser cuts. So we thought, “What if you started with some of the best beef on earth?” That beef comes from the Revier Cattle Company in Olivia, Minnesota—and from five generations of the Revier family. Since 1867, they’ve been perfecting their craft while protecting the cattle and the land they live on. Revier is the most sustainable, environmental cattle producer in the country, and you can taste it in every phenomenal bite. 

cuts of pork

Our pork isn’t the other white meat. It’s ruby-pink, perfectly marbled, and so juicy you’ll either need a bib or longer shirtsleeves. It’s also local, traceable, and the farm-to-table product of Glen Taylor’s passion. Glen puts his resources into creating rural jobs, and with Comfrey Farm®, he’s kept a tradition alive when mainstream agriculture has forgotten that we’re dealing with animals. And things like flavor. Our registered, purebred Duroc hogs produce prized, craft meats, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. So it’s okay to drool. 






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